Our Philosophy at Honey Bee Preschool is to create a setting environment in which children will find security, caring  and home-like environment . We offer a plenty of opportunities for self-discovery, supporting children's interests, abilites and individual needs.

We believe that all children need to be respected and to be treated equally regardless of their cultural background and their additional needs. At our center we respect and encourage each parent’s child rearing practices, traditions and beliefs by implementing them in our daily routine. In this way we aim to achieve a true partnership between the families and the centre.

We believe that children in the first five years of life are developing rapidly and Early Education is fundamental for future learning. Our programs are designed to prepare children for their transition to the wider community and help them become confident, independent active members of our society.

Our Philosophy focuses on Children, Families ,Staff , Community and Program to make sure all children get the maximum learning opportunities..

Our Goals :

•   To Provide an environment that allows each child to explore and develop all areas of social, emotional, language, cognitive and gross motor skills.

•   To provide educational and creative programs based on individual and group interests and observations.

•   To include in our program some projects, based on the children’s interests and encourage parent’s participation and input, our program gives children the opportunity to make choices and take on new challenges.

•   Promote Healthy Eating to children by providing quality nutritionally balanced meals and drinks daily.

•   To enhance children's awareness of the environment and a sense of connection to the natural world around us.

•   Build supportive and trusting relationships with the children, families and community to promote and encourage family and community involvement in the Centre.

•   To provide a total learning environment where children are free to observe, question, experiment and explore.

•   To implement a quality improvment plan that allows all educators to reflect on current and future practices.

•   Enourage staff to participate in training courses related to extend on their knowlege

•   To always maintain a high standard of quality care refelcting on the National Quality Framework ,National Qulaity Standrad and EYLF