Food and Nutrition

At Honey Bee Preschool we are committed to providing the best start for all our children. We strongly Believe creating healthy eating habits is essential in developing a child’s lifelong health & wellbeing while also developing healthy and happy children.

Meals and snack times is a terrific opportunity for social & language development. Also, it will provide positive learning experiences for children who are encouraged to explore self-help skills & proper hygiene practices.

Our friendly educators are keen to make mealtimes relaxed, pleasant and inviting while engaging children in a range of interesting conversations about their food.

Involving the Children

At Honey Bee Preschool we are lucky to have our own vegetable garden where children engaging in a variety of enjoyable gardening experiences e.g.  (planting, watering and picking up herbs and vegetables).

involving children in meal routines, food choice and food preparation can be one way to help build their resilience this is means they will be more confident in making decisions, taking responsibility for their actions, building and trusting relationships. This will make them better placed to take on the challenges in life.

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 Our Gourmet Menu

Created as a 4 weeks rotating menu. Our Menu designed to include a balance of all major food group in according with NSW dietary Guideline and the National Quality Framework (NQF), providing Children 70% of their RDI (Recommended daily intake) This is essential for maintaining children’s health and wellbeing.

At Honey Bee Preschool we provides 5 meals throughout the day from 7:00 am-6:00 pm  (Breakfast - Morning Tea- Afternoon tea- Late Snack )         

  • Water always available for children at all times throughout the day
  • Milk is offered with morning tea and afternoon tea.
  • Children’s Meal are prepared and cooked in-house by our own experienced cook

Special Requirements

We understand that each child is different, therefore we cater to a wide variety of special needs

  • Due to the fact that peanut allergy is the most common serious food allergy in children, please note that Honey Bee is a nut free zone
  • Our cook can cater specifically for children with Allergies & food intolerances such as egg, nuts, dairy and coeliac disease.
  • Our Gourmet Menu also caters for vegetarian and cultural options.
  • Individual needs will be catered for by our qualified Chefs along with regular snacks and meal time schedule